I began shooting weddings 10 years go and have loved every bit of it since. Asian, Lebanese, Greek, Maso, Indian, Jewish, Anglo, Boho weddings, you name it! Having shot over 600 weddings, I am extremely blessed to have witnessed some of the most beautiful, stylish, entertaining and fun weddings from all over Sydney and Melbourne.

There is no one-way to shoot a wedding - however, a high priority should be your photographer’s attitude and energy for what is (by far) one of the biggest days of your life. There are many photographer’s out there with exceptional and gorgeous wedding photos; portraits of you and your partner - but not many who treasure the authentic moments in between.

Elegance. Timelessness. Authentic Candids. Experience. And a photographer who you have probably felt you have known for ages. The day is between you and your loved ones, and I am there to capture it in the most unobtrusive way possible (and to have some cake!) If you feel like this is what you are after - let’s have a chat.


A letter to chloe

Dearest Chloe,

I was hesitant to write because I wasn’t sure if there were words that could truly express our gratitude for you as a person, not to mention your work. I know Alan was in your corner from day one & perhaps I am embarrassed to admit I needed more time to mull. Your energy, the comfort you made us feel on our first encounter meant that we were always going to go with you. It was as if it was written in the stars for us. What is a beautiful photo without a beautiful memory? Without a connection with the person capturing it?

In the short time that we have known you we couldn’t be more grateful for the influence you have had on a seemingly stressful time in our lives. Your attention to detail, your commitment to your craft, your positivity and patience I can honestly say is second to none. When I said you were the best decision we made during our wedding planning, it was by no means an exaggeration. No matter how intricate the request, how great the quest of working with the two most awkward turtles in the world was, you never allowed us to feel the burden. We are eternally grateful, indebted to you for providing us with film we will cherish for a lifetime. How do you thank someone for producing an intangible keepsake that we hope to revisit for decades to come?

When we said the day was not about us, it was a celebration of every single person in the room that night we also meant you, your team. It could not have been the day it was, the memory it is without the graciousness of your team. The influence of your energy, the ease you projected despite it being a long and demanding day speaks volumes. It is not something that can be taken for granted on such an occasion. If I was a “bride” who didn’t want videography, who wasn’t fussed about reliving my awkwardness in photos can be made to feel this way I have no doubt in my mind that this is only the beginning of your ​Chloe Vonne journey. That we were lucky enough to be a part of your undertaking to attainment. That you were born to do this.

We wish you every success in your venture. We only hope to drink more with you, dance more with you, see more of you.

With love & gratitude,

Annie & Alan 


01 / 05

Jenny + Rich

I'd give Chloe 1000 stars if I could. She is an absolutely amazing human that it was like hanging out with a friend. She made everyone feel so comfortable and worked so seamlessly with all our vendors that I even forgot she was there to take photos until she sent us our wedding gallery & WOW did she deliver! There was so many photos it took us hours to go through. Our family & friends really enjoyed re-living the memories of our best day ever. Thank you Chloe, we can't wait to shoot with you again!

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